My Graduation Day

I remember my graduation day like it was yesterday. I had waited so long to get out of this prison called school, and when the day came it was like someone had drenched me in freedom. I was like a little girl in a candy store, but the day hadn’t turned out as planned. My graduation day was far from normal. It was a day I will never forget as long as I’m alive. This is the story of my strange graduation day.



It is finally the time of year when everyone is getting excited for prom. I personally like prom because I love to see all of the cute ways that girls get asked and also I love to see the dresses. I also love getting to wear a long dress because I never get to dress really nice. Prom is the one night that everyone can dress up like they’re royalty. I also like to go to after prom because I can be out late and just hang out and have fun with my friends.

I think that everyone gets so excited because prom is when you can get together with all of your friends to just have a good time. Some students abuse prom by drinking alcohol before or after and I believe that just ruins the entire thing. Other than that, I just think everyone loves to have fun with friends for an entire night. I can’t wait for prom in April!

Valentine’s Day.

It’s Valentine’s Day! It is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year. It’s not that I like to get things, it’s that I love seeing others happy with their significant others. I realize that their shouldn’t be have to be a day to express your love for someone but it’s just a day that everyone can show their love if creative ways. Even if I don’t have someone on Valentine’s Day, I still love it just the same.

There is only one reason why I hate Valentine’s Day and that reason is that people that are single complain about not having a Valentine. No offense, but I do not care if you’re sad that you’re alone. I don’t complain if I am alone on Valentine’s day. I hate when people complain to me that Valentine’s Day sucks. I honestly don’t care if you don’t like it, I do and that is all that matters

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Christmas time is my all time favorite time of the year. I love everything about it, from cuddling up with hot cocoa to going sledding with friends. My favorite part about Christmas time is definitely watching the holiday movies on TV. Every year around this time, I watch the movie Elf. Elf is my absolute favorite Christmas movie because it’s really funny and also very cute. It’s about a human baby that crawled into Santa’s bag while he was delivering gifts and ended up at the work shop. The elves at the workshop named the baby Buddy and he grew up at the North Pole. As he got older he realized that he was not like any of the other elves. Buddy’s adopted father (who was also an elf) told Buddy that he is human and his real father is in New York. Buddy then makes the trip from the North Pole to New York City to find his father. Although Buddy had good intentions, things did not go as planned. After many issues with his father, Buddy finally got his happy ending.
I normally watch this movie at least 10 times around Christmas and I even watch it all year round. It is not only one of my favorite Christmas movies, it is one of my favorite movies of all time. I can’t wait until my little brother is old enough to understand the plot and humor so that we can watch it together. Maybe it will even become a tradition to watch Elf in my household someday. I would love to pass the tradition on to my children. Elf will always be a great holiday movie and I will still probably watch it when I’m 60 years old! It will never get old to me.Elf

Old McDonald…… Had the worst job in the entire world.

Bob McDonald was a happy, small-town man. That is, until he was laid off from his dream job and forced to get the worst job ever. Before Bob was laid off, he was wealthy, and anything he desired he could have at the snap of his fingers. He got paid to basically do nothing all day long. Thousands od dollars went into his pocket every week like clockwork. Bob didn’t have a care in the world. He was rich! What worry could he possibly have?

Ever since Bob was laid off, he’s been living in a box down Main Street between to garbage cans. He barely has any food and on top of that, he has various medical problems. He is poor and has absolutely nothing left. Bob has a job but the pay is one step up from nothing. It is literally the worst job in the world. So what does Bob do for a living?


Dating in High School

Okay, I am really starting to wonder if dating in high school is a good idea or not. I’ve had some good experiences and some bad experiences. The bad experiences seem to be more prominent than the good ones. On one hand it’s good because you gain experience and see what you like or what you don’t like in a person. On the other hand, it causes a lot of heartache that someone my age doesn’t need. It seems like maybe I should be focused on school or maybe even my family. I guess I just wonder how other people feel about it because I am completely unsure.

My Weekend!

This weekend has been pretty eventful! Friday I had two indoor soccer games. One was directly after the other. We lost both of the games but we played hard. I ended up getting some turf burns on my leg which, let me tell you, still hurts! After the games, I went to Ralphies with some of the girls from the team and had a blast. Then came Saturday! One of my best friends turned 18 this past Wednesday and she decided to have a big birthday party to celebrate. There was a bonfire, an inflatable obstacle course/bounce house, and hayrides. To our surprise, quite a few people showed up and it was a great time. I definitely would love to do that again! Today isn’t as eventful as Friday and Saturday but it’s great anyway. So far, my days consists of watching super hero shows on Netflix with my 2 year old little brother. I wouldn’t trade days like this for the world. Tomorrow I have a college visit at Bowling Green State University so I will not be at school. Score! All in all, it has been a pretty awesome weekend!